Ambulante Nachtpflege Daheim gGmbH in Heidelberg is...

  • a care service provider that specialises in health and care nededs for people in their home during the night,
  • partner of AWO Heidelberg,
  • autohorised dontract partner of all health and care insurances,
  • a team of qualified care professionals with a minimum of 3 years work experience an home care professionals with many years of work experience.

The Ambulante Nachtpflege Daheim gGmbH was founded on 1st April 1995. We cover Heidelberg and the sorrounding areas in the Rhine Neckar area.

As acharitable care service provider we are always thankful for support with our work in all areas of the business. You can therefor support us through financial or physical donations. We are of course also interested in earmarked support with special arrangement through our office.

You would like to make a donation?

We are authorised to give you a confirmation of your donation for tax purposes.

Please get in touch or use the bank details below if you wish to make a donation. We will get the donation confirmation to you as soon as possible..

Our bank details are:

Sparkasse Heidelberg

Ambulante Nachtpflege Daheim gGmbH
Bank Account Number: 40185
Sort code: 672 500 20
IBAN: DE96 6725 0020 0000 0401 85

Thanks for your support!


Ambulante Nachtpflege Daheim gGmbH

Adress: Brennerweg 39
69124 Heidelberg

Phone: +49 (0) 6221 - 290 29


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